Participation in the European design competition Room18, focused on the design of the interior of a typical double room in Greek urban 4* hotel. Organized by: DOMES_  INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF ARCHITECTURE

The proposal focuses on the contemporary Business traveler. Τhe man who combines work with travelling experience. The more working in a foreign country is a fact growing with such a spectacular rate, the more the modern traveler needs to become more flexible.

This simple solution respects those needs, not only offering a resting zone, but also a living- working space, equally treated in terms of space and functionality. The traveler gets the opportunity to work alone or with company- collaborator, in a transforming, according to his will, space. Zone 1 serves on one hand as a usual living- lounge area and on the other hand as a multi-task office space. As soon as the work is done, lounge area is back.

The room entry is located to zone 1, in a way that zone 2 is practically “isolated” to the visitor. Entering the room is more like entering an office, than entering a typical hotel room.